Break from reality on vacation in Maine

7 Sep

Thank goodness for this vacation! Without it I would be at home alone crying and making more poor husband crazy. I have had a wonderful three days here, miles away from my reality. Everything here is so relaxed and I am overwhelmed with gratitude. Watching a peaceful sunset almost moved to tears. I clearly have way too much emotion pent up right now. I alternate between denial and distraction, anger and frustration, and overwhelming grief and powerlessness to whatever life dishes out.

I am so moved by the thoughtful comments to my blog. Being heard and understood by others who share this similar struggle is amazingly powerful. I read somewhere that comments are the new hugs. I believe it now. Strangely the comments in this community of strangers are more meaningful than any Facebook interactions. Since this started I’ve become more and more distant from Facebook because of the plethora of mommy status updates and baby profile photos. It pains me how moms can share all the updates about their individual joys and frustrations of parenting so publically while we infertile have to suck it up and be so secretive.


2 Responses to “Break from reality on vacation in Maine”

  1. Foxypopcorn September 7, 2010 at 8:28 pm #

    Being away from home can be so good. We had a really nice vacation visiting with my SIL and her family this last weekend. It was nice just to be away from home and removed form the routines that we fall into.

    I am so happy that you’ve found some good support on here. I am amazed at how meaningful it has been for me to ‘be heard’ here.

    Thinking about you a lot right now. xoxo – Foxy

  2. Lisa September 11, 2010 at 12:31 pm #

    I have tears streaming down my face…

    Just found your blog, and I am so, so sorry you, too, have to endure this heartbreaking pain. Your words resonate so much so, I could have written them myself.

    I’ll be visiting regularly and praying fervently.

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