Mini milestone- back to teaching

20 Sep

I taught my first high impact aerobics class since I first got pregnant tonight.  It was great to see everyone. I was nervous about what I would say when they asked about where I went.  It was a valid question.  My bad answer was that it was complicated- travel and medical issues.  When you say medical people give you the look of worry and ask if you are ok.  I don’t want people to worry, so it may not have been the best answer.  Two folks who talked to me after class asked how I was doing and where I was and I told them a little more of the truth.  I mentioned we were trying to start a family and their faces just beemed.  “I knew it!” one person said.  From there they were interested in just encouraging me to keep coming to class.  They looked so excited I didn’t explain that the emphasis was on the “trying” and that I’d already lost it.  They were more interested in my new low impact moves and then we walked out the door.  I admit, I didn’t want to bring the bad news, so I just let it go.  If it comes up again I can either tell them, or they can figure it out as I won’t be pregnant.  I did miss the class though and it was great to do some real exercise for a change.  I needed it!  Despite my intentions to get into great shape during my “time off” from TTC, I’ve been extremely lazy and worked out even less than usual.  I swear if I didn’t teach my 2 classes/week I wouldn’t go to the gym at all.  Here’s hoping I can get in at least one more workout this week (maybe 2!)


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