Back to normal, sort of

25 Sep

I had my blood tests yesterday as a follow up to the D & C to confirm things were back to normal.  My  HCG level came back almost zero at 6 mIU/ml.  According to my RE this means that when I get my next period, I would likely be able to start up again with the letrazole and TTC again.   However,  it may take another 3-4 weeks for a normal period since my progesterone level is positive.  She said this means there is a corpora luteal cyst from the pregnancy still secreting progesterone. Yikes!  That sounds strange.  While this is present, my ovary will not “resume activity” and my cycle may be delayed by a few weeks. (ah!  waiting!  how we love to sit tight…)  She says we should call before we start attempting. I admit, I never really stopped.  When we finally got the green light for intercourse I wasn’t about to pull out the birth control.  What are the odds of getting pregnant?  It sounds like I am not really ovulating anyway?

Even though this is my third D & C, each one was with a different doc and they seem to handle these things very differently.  I don’t remember having any cyst issues previously.  Instead they called my mystery parts “products of conception”.

To add a level of complexity I’ve noticed that I’ve been bleeding recently. I thought – hey, maybe I am getting my period early!  Yippee, I don’t have to wait as long!    I’ve also been feeling tired no matter how much sleep I get and had the ol’ sensitive boob situation again.  This cyst may be the culprit.

Hopefully I can sort all this out with a call to my doc.   Alas, it is Saturday afternoon, so need to put these questions on hold til Monday.


2 Responses to “Back to normal, sort of”

  1. Another Dreamer September 26, 2010 at 6:57 pm #

    Sometimes that happens with the cyst unfortunately- it should go away on it’s own soon though. When it goes away your progesterone should drop and you’ll probably start bleeding again. It really varies how long it will take to go away though.

    Hopefully your doctor can clear things up for you.

    For me it’s always a relief when the HCG goes back down to zero, but at the same time so sad and bittersweet. I’m glad it’s went down for you, but (*hugs*) too.

  2. starfishkittydreams September 29, 2010 at 2:58 pm #

    Thank you for your hug and comment!

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