Thank you to the ladies of ABC’s “The View”!

29 Sep

I watched a Tivo’d episode of The View today and saw that Resolve gave them an award for their coverage of Infertility.  I wish I could have thanked them as well.  The award was well deserved and I was thrilled to see they were recognized for what for me was a really important/validating show.  I’ve watched the show for years and heard them talk about their children (all hosts have at least 1) and seen Elizabeth pregnant twice and heard all the messages specifically addressed to the mothers of young kids that I assume are a big part of their audience.  I felt like an outsider not able to participate/identify with many of the programs for parents.

Not only did they dedicate the whole show to infertility, but the hosts all (except Whoopi) share their own stories.  On the original program, Sherri disclosed her own story of going through IVF and IUI.  And god bless you, Barbara Walters for talking about having 3 miscarriages!  Joy, I normally am a fan of yours, but was a bit miffed when you made offensive jokes and finally cut off Sherri to change the topic to another tangent and ask about why the Octomom didn’t have a reality program.    Thanks to Whoopi for bringing it back in the end at least.

Here is a clip I found of the original episode-


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