Yellow light, Wait another month

29 Sep

My cycle started on Saturday, so I thought I got a fast pass to start up again despite the test.  I just saw my RE on Monday to talk about starting again now that my cycle had started.  She recommended another round of blood tests the next day to see what changed with my new cycle.  She confirmed that the (hcg) pregnancy test is now negative but my ovary is still producing progesterone.  It likely has left over “corpus luteum” from the pregnancy.  She explained that these cysts are part of a physiological process of pregnancy and will go away on its own if left alone typically within one month. She recommends waiting another cycle before resuming treatment.

Meanwhile my pharmacy just called letting me know my prescription is ready.  I gather it is the letrazole prescription she was planning on calling in.  It is a mixed message.  She says she recommends waiting, but she did at least give me the drugs if I want to be a rebel.  My gut says I should go with her recommendation and I admit it totally brought me down to the waiting place that I dread so much.  I have had so much waiting, I wanted to just be aggressive this round and move ahead.  The last two times I waited too long and actually regret not trying sooner.  The waiting place is the self-pitying helpless place.  I am really curious what the risk is if I don’t wait.  Would something bad happen?  Is my risk of miscarriage even greater?


One Response to “Yellow light, Wait another month”

  1. Another Dreamer September 30, 2010 at 12:20 pm #

    I had a leftover corpus luteum cyst from ovulation the cycle before last. My doctor tested it to see if it was producing estrogen or anything, and it wasn’t. Maybe progesterone, but I had already gotten my period so it wasn’t putting much off in that case. A leftover cyst can delay or prevent Ov, is the main thing. Mine went away sometime early in the cycle, and Ov was delayed by about a week. So I would guess that’s your doctor’s main concern, that it would prevent or delay ovulation, or perhaps they think it’s a sign that your body isn’t ready yet- it can take some healing.

    I’d call and ask what the reasoning is, never hurts to ask.

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