Fingers crossed hoping our chromosomes aren’t

14 Oct

The Genetic counselor called me just now and pretty much said that since we were both already tested and show up as normal chromosomally that we are probably not carriers.   If we are not carriers, that is  relief!  It really improves my hope that we can trudge along naturally and not have to rely on IVF PGD.  Fingers crossed that is the case!  We meet in person next week.

This past week I’ve been researching and discussing balanced trans-location to see if I can find out more.  All sources seem to agree that there are two solutions if you are a carrier- keep trying and hope (higher chances of miscarriage and birth defects, rely on prenatal tests to confirm if healthy) or up the odds and go for IVF with PGD.

In the meantime I signed up for another round of acupuncture.  This time at a place that specializes in fertility and pregnancy loss (Nurture Acupuncture).  The needles don’t scare me as much a the suggested diet.  They want me to avoid cold foods (hot and room temperature only), eliminate sugar and carbs and take chinese herbs including this stuff called royal jelly from queen bees.  I don’t know if I am ready for this.  I don’t really get Eastern Medicine.


One Response to “Fingers crossed hoping our chromosomes aren’t”

  1. onetokeep October 14, 2010 at 5:36 pm #

    I gotta say, as weird as it all seems, they have a LOT of success with that stuff. I say suck it up and give it a go, every time Ive done it, Ive gotten pregnant. Every time. Problem is I need to KEEP the pregnancy, maybe I should CONTINUE the treatment? (Light globe moment) Good luck, cant wait to read how it goes xx

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