Cycle Day 17 and still waiting (WTF!)

18 Nov

I peed on another test stick again today and still got another circle (ie, no LH spike).  Where is that smiley face?  I am scheduled for another ultrasound today as my RE thought that at least today would be the day.  Being late cannot be  good thing.  Does this mean I am back to 35 day cycles again?  Maybe I am over-analyzing but in my mind ovulating late = no pregnancy that month.


One Response to “Cycle Day 17 and still waiting (WTF!)”

  1. Misfits November 23, 2010 at 4:00 pm #

    I am hoping that you have gotten that happy face by now and that everything went swimmingly (ahem). I am hoping that it just means that your follicle was getting some extra oomph to launch.

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