Holiday Cards: Fear them or embrace them?

8 Dec

My first photo holiday card arrived today!  I was fearing these for months (I think I even posted my fears about these back in September).  It was from a family I don’t know very well and it caught me by surprise.  I expected my heart would just explode by seeing these cute kids, but instead I honestly just felt delighted.  “Yeah!  Someone was nice enough to send me a card!”  I guess my fear of isolation outweighed my baby envy.  I’ve posted it on my little board by my desk to remind myself that it’s nice to have friends, even if they have cute kids and are clearly proud.  Good for them.  Maybe one day I can send a similar one back. Until then I’ve got a stack of pretty cute holiday cards with a neat design (cards, not photo cards) so I have something to send in return.  I debated sending one with a photo of the two of us or with the cat, but decided that seemed too pathetic unless you could get really creative and funny with it.  I didn’t send any cards at all last year because I felt so insecure about being baby-less for another year.  It didn’t help that my due date for my second loss was December 24.  Somehow I bought into the notion that you had to be a family (ie. have at least 1 kid) to send out cards.  Since when is Christmas only for people with young kids?  By sending photo-less cards I feel like I can at least be a part of the card sending thing without making a statement about our nest being empty.


3 Responses to “Holiday Cards: Fear them or embrace them?”

  1. Nelly December 9, 2010 at 10:26 am #

    The funny/creative cat picture idea!! I choose that! Dress it up as a baby and take a pic of you holding it wrapped in a blanket 🙂

    I thought about this as well and am procrastinating even though I’ve made my decision to take a pic of our kids and us(3 dogs and a cat).

  2. bodegabliss December 9, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

    Oh my, I totally went through the same thinking process this year! I thought briefly of a photo of my husband and I with our dog, but then I felt like it just screamed: “Still no baby! Happy Holidays!” and including one with my step-daughter also screamed, to me, “Family still not complete!” I hope next year, we can both include photos of our newborns. Fingers crossed.

  3. Foxypopcorn December 11, 2010 at 7:01 pm #

    We also got our first card in the mail. From the same family that put me over the edge last December when I received their photo card. It is sitting unopened in the glass vase, waiting for the others to join it.

    I am so impressed and proud that you are able to handle the cards better this year. Regardless of what our situation is again next Christmas, I am hoping that I can continue to grow stronger to deal with these cards and things that should bring joy and pleasure.

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