Happily Distracted, Yeah for the Holidays!

17 Dec

I can’t believe I am only two days away from day 14 (hopefully my smiley face day/ovulation day).  I am scheduled to go in on Sunday for my Day 14 ultrasound and am hoping THIS month to get the nice follicles.   I was bummed about my late ovulation last month.  It just felt off.  This month I am up and running on 2x the dose of the Femara.  So far the biggest side effect is MAJOR dizziness.  At times I felt like I was drunk!  I started the meds during my trip to NYC with my college friends so I was out and about and not in the best place in case I needed to sit down etc.  Fortunately I found that as long as I didn’t tilt my head up or to the side I was fine.  I felt weak even taking photos pointed up.

NYC was an AMAZING trip that had my mind totally off of babies.  That place is one of the BEST places to be if you don’t have kids.  I admired the handful of folks I saw pushing strollers in the 20 degree cold.  There kids were so bundled you wondered if there was even anybody inside all those blankets.    Since it was a gathering of girlfriends we had some 3-4 hour lunches that were just sublime and relaxing with no talk of parenting.    It helped that my 3 girlfriends that I went with are still single and not trying to have kids. We were completely mobile to do all the fun NYC stuff for Christmas like chilling in nice restaurants, looking at lots of baked treats at Chelsea Market, seeing the Rockefeller Center tree + rink (with crazy crowds!), Saks Fifth Ave windows (in the COLD!), visiting MOMA (tip- it’s free on Friday nights, instead of the usual $30), going to the Top of the Rock (really nice and relaxing, not touristy like I expected), checking out the Bryant Park crafts market and Ice Skating (great hot chocolate) and seeing a show.  The show we saw was called Next to Normal and it was AMAZING!  It was EXACTLY what I needed.  The show focuses on a woman who suffers from mental health issues including, depression, and bipolar disorder.  Since I have been deep into psychology (and bordering on depression myself) for the last couple of years it was so poignant.  It was deeply satisfying and the musical score is so well written I felt like I’d just read an excellent novel.  No wonder it won the Pulitzer.  Starting in January there will be a traveling show going to cities all across the US.  Sure enough it is coming to SF (my area) in just a month.  I guess I could see it again.

On my last day (Sunday) I spent the day with my brother (gay and single) and babies never entered the conversation yet again.  It was a real treat seeing him on his turf.  He is such a New Yorker!  Whenever he comes to family events (in Maine primarily) he talks about New York city, culture, events, and landmarks.  It always got on my nerves, but here it made sense.  He has no clue what is going on with us in the baby department which was fine with me.  It was a REAL break!


3 Responses to “Happily Distracted, Yeah for the Holidays!”

  1. Nelly December 17, 2010 at 11:41 am #

    I didn’t know you were so close! I live about 4 hours North of SF 🙂 In the boondocks…

    • starfishkittydreams December 19, 2010 at 8:45 am #

      The SF area actually has a lot of resources that are helpful for folks with infertility and repeat loss including support groups and seminars.

  2. Misfit December 17, 2010 at 6:35 pm #

    Your trip sounds divine. I have everything crossed for this day 14 and despite the dizzy side effect I hope for good things in the following two weeks!

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