Free Resolve TeleSeminar with SELF Magazine author

17 Jan

I was really moved when I read the story “Breaking the Silence on Infertility ” in Self magazine story about infertility. (Thank you Foxy for sharing this link with me!)

Just recently I heard that the author will be speaking at an upcoming Resolve Teleseminar.  Here is event info if you are interested.  I plan to dial in!

Resolve TeleSeminar: “This Woman Has a Secret” on January 20, 2011 at 9:00PM ET

Guest Speakers: Jennifer Wolff Perrine, SELF Magazine and a Representative from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Listen in as Ms. Wolff Perrine describes what it was like to write the ground-breaking story on infertility that appeared in the August 2010 issue of SELF Magazine. The CDC will tell you about their infertility patient resources, and learn how to turn your family building experience into action through RESOLVE’s nationwide advocacy efforts. Question and Answer period will be available. If you would like to partipate in this free TeleSeminar, sign up here.

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