What next?

21 Feb

I saw my RE this past week and the good news is, everything looks normal and healthy again.  This was the final hurdle back to normalcy as the final ban (vaginal sex, using hot tubs, etc.) was now lifted.  I had a nice weekend of enjoying the formerly forbiddens, including an excellent dinner to celebrate our 11 years together with a full tasting menu (of bizarre french food- some raw and unpasteurized, oh my!) with 9 wine pairings.  It was only supposed to be 8, but they gave me one twice by mistake so I ended up drinking 9 glasses!  What a night!  It feels very good to be back to normal.

She and I had a long talk about next steps.  I was hoping to get our test results back to get more info on what caused the last loss, but they weren’t as helpful as I had hoped.  They arrived back two weeks earlier than expected with the results stating ”normal 46 xx:  female karyotype… When a normal 46,XX karyotype is observed in a products of conception specimen, maternal cell contamination cannot be ruled out.”   Long story short, the 46 XX may be MY cells, and not from the pregnancy tissue itself.   If the test IS of the pregnancy then it looks like we lost a healthy girl.  However, my doctor seems to think it is the former, esp. considering how fast the test came back.  In short, the test is not giving us any real information we can trust.  All we have is the test from miscarriage #3 which showed chromosomal abnormalities and translocations and a boat load of weirdnesss in the baby genes.

She asked me what we wanted to do next.  Here are the options that seem to be out there

1. Keep trying with pills and sex (like before).  Our success rate in getting pregnant seems to be getting better here.  (pregnant after 2 months on femara twice in a row).

2. Get higher tech and try IUI or IVF + genetic testing.  Her suggestion here was that i might give us more info on egg quality and maybe they can implant the “good” embryo after testing.  From what I am reading, this MIGHT help, but it might also just be a lot of work up for the same results, in which case, I’d rather stick with the low tech/cheap option.

To help make our decision I am-

1. Looking for stories, anecdotes of people who have had multiple losses and then success.  It helps with the hope/optimism.  Positive statistics are helpful too.  Do you know any?

2. Considering doing a few consultations with RPL experts/IVF docs.  On my list are the IVF folks at CCRM in Colorado ($250 1 hour phone consulation), Dr. Alan Beers (Immunology specialist- still not sure I believe in this stuff) (approx. $600 consultation + $350 initial tests), Dr. Ruth Lathi, RPL specialist at Stanford ($380 initial hour) , and Mary Stephenson (Dr. Kick Ass to Misfit Mrs.).  Each of these consultations is at least a few hundred bucks, so I feel a bit concerned about how much we may be shelling out to hear what we kind of already know (no guarantees no matter what we do, so keep trying).  Do you know of any good repeat loss specialists that you think I should check out?

3. Re-taking some of my tests like FSH to see what’s changed, if anything, or if for some reason my RE missed something.

4. Sorting out how to finance IVF if we go that route…  I don’t have to say much here as we know how costly this can be.


4 Responses to “What next?”

  1. Nicole February 22, 2011 at 7:34 am #

    Have you looked into the Sher Institue? Their website is http://www.haveababy.com they have multiple locations across the country. Dr. Sher has a blog http://www.ivfauthority.com which answers a lot of questions on all aspects of infertility. Best part is they have free consultations. We went to the STL location and thanks to Dr. Aherling have a beautiful almost one year old. There is a woman on the SIRM boards who had 6 previous losses and did CGH testing and now has 6 month old beautiful twin girls. I’ve seen CGH go both ways, so like you said there is no gaurantees.

  2. Misfits February 22, 2011 at 6:36 pm #

    I know why I went with Dr. KickAss. I’d still consult with Lathi as she’s closer to you. After the time I spent in Chicago, she came back with pretty much the same conclusion. Except NO on the IVF front. Which, I’m sure that in a few more months without a pregnancy, I’ll be breaking that rule forthwith.

    I wish I had some success story to send you. But, this last test of having normal cells is problematic. Dr. KA did figure out that Mara at BarfingRainbows had an infection and endometrial issues that were preventing a successful pregnancy. Once treated, her next pregnancy was the baby she’s got right now.

    I think on that list, CCRM would be my own next step. They do things a bit differently there. Interested to see what you get back.

    I am thrilled that you are cleared for all the fun things and it sounds like you are making excellent use of these forbidden fruits. I am very encouraged by your Femara success and if the answer is to roll the dice, that seems to be getting you to step one quickly. I just hope that there’s an answer for you in short order.

  3. RM December 11, 2011 at 12:11 am #


    I stumbled across your blog tonight. I’m in a similar situation as you – took a long time to get pregnant (18 months) and then I got pregnant 3 times – and have lost all three. I’m in the Bay Area as well, and have been seeing Dr Lathi after my last m/c (6 months ago).

    I’d love to talk more with you and hear more about what tests you have done, etc.

    Email me if you want to chat.

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