SF Bay Area Event: Options for Creating Families Seminar

11 Mar

Stanford Fertility is offering their “Options for Creating Families Seminar” on Tuesday, March 22.  If you are in the SF Bay Area I encourage you to check it out.  They haven’t posted it to Stanford Fertility Website yet so I am just trying to help spread the word.  It is wonderful evening of couples sharing their stories of how they used alternative methods for achieving a family.  Panelists discuss their experiences which include ovum and sperm donations, adoption and surrogacy.  What really got me was how positive the couples were who shared.  It was inspiring to see couples who have gone through so much and had to make difficult choices look back and be so happy about their lives and where they are today.  It’s a reminder that the how isn’t so important once you have your child.

One thing that I am fascinated with but didn’t see on the list is embryo adoption.  A woman in my repeat loss support group is in the process of doing that.  She mentioned that it will save her money over adoption or egg/sperm donor as you can get multiple embryos. When I asked her how this saved money she clarified that with multiple embryos they can have multiple babies for the price of one donation.  “We want to have a large family and we want them to be related” she said.  For some reason this statement blew me away.  Here she was struggling to build her family and she was confident enough to look ahead towards three or more children.  What an inspiration!  Here I was thinking having even one child would be a miracle.  Sure I’d love more, but as time goes on my expectations have dwindled, and I was feeling like I had to just settle for 1.  Two at this point sounds like asking for the moon.

Here are the event details:

Options for Creating Families

March 22nd  6:00-8:00 pm
900 Welch Road, suite 200
Stanford Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center
Cost: $25/couple or $15/person

This special event will focus on learning about the different options for family building, including:

  • Ovum Donation
  • Sperm Donation
  • Adoption
  • Surrogacy

Meet and listen to the journey from woman and couples that have chosen these paths.
The evening is designed to help patients contemplating 3rd party reproduction to embrace optimism and learn more about what is involved in the various avenues for family building.

Formal presentation will be made by:

Penny Donnelly, LMFT, RN, director of support programs at Stanford’s Fertility and Reproductive Medicine Center, has developed and led a number of counseling and health education programs for patients seeking fertility treatment.  She offers private counseling to clinic patients and facilitates support groups for primary, repeat pregnancy loss, and 3rd party reproduction clients.  In addition, Penny leads and facilitates an innovative mind/body medicine program that has been nationally recognized.

To register, please email Penny Donnelly at pdonnelly@stanfordmed.org or call Penny Donnelly at 650-723-6408.


One Response to “SF Bay Area Event: Options for Creating Families Seminar”

  1. Foxypopcorn March 13, 2011 at 10:08 am #

    thanks for the info!
    Even in the midst of our cycle, I am going to try and make it if we can.

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