The Hangover

11 Jul

I woke up Sunday morning around noon.  When I opened my eyes I wasn’t even sure where I was.  I was in bed with a big headache, in our spare bedroom with Mr. Star there next to me.

“What happened last night?”- Me

“You got REALLY drunk” – Mr. Star

I felt like I was in the movie the Hangover waking up confused and trying to piece the whole night together.   Why were we sleeping in the guest room?   Why was there a tiger in the bathroom (ok… maybe not that part).

A high rolling friend of ours invited us up to a dance club on Saturday night night.  Beforehand Mr. Star and I treated ourselves to a really fancy dinner at a nearby restaurant where I pre-celebrated my birthday with some excellent food and wine.  After dinner we got to the club and met our friends at around 10 PM.  They had reserved a table with vodka and champagne and had already started drinking.  The place was SO loud I couldn’t hear anyone talking, even the people right next to me.  It seemed like the next logical thing was to drink and dance and by the end of the night I overdid it on both, but mostly the drinking.  I had in the back of my mind a plan to drink, thinking it was my reward for such a rough week.   I don’t know the last time I got so drunk that I don’t even remember what happened next.  It sounds like something kids do in their 20s, not when they are about to turn 38 (my birthday is tomorrow)!.

Mr.  Star had to recount it for me.  (Warning:  This is pretty graphic and gross, even for a miscarriage blog. )  Mr. Star suggested we leave the club after I’d knocked over some drinks while dancing.  Knowing it was a long ride home I asked to use the bathroom (probably a good call if I had a full bladder).  He waited with me and apparently there was a long wait because some couple was having sex in there.  It seems believable as there were a lot of horny couples in that place.  When they left I was relieved when it was my turn.  After that we headed to my car and we were driving another friend from the group back with us.  To my horror,  (according to Mr. Star) I talked the whole time.  This part scares me as I have NO idea what I said and she isn’t a really close friend, so it could be really embarrassing.  According to Mr. Star  I managed to not reveal any big secrets or say anything super offensive.    I even praised him at some point and went on and on to the friend about what a great husband he is.  Who knows what I really said, but I like thinking I was at least showing some gratitude to Mr. Star for putting up with me.

After we dropped her off I felt really sick and threw up and made quite a mess of my car.  Fortunately it was MY car and not someone else’s.  I remember hearing Mr. Star saying “Oh no!”.  The poor guy managed to clean up the situation and get me into the house.   Once in the house I spontaneously took off all of my clothes (also stained) and then went up to our bed where I got sick again.    Mr. Star decided to put me in the bathtub (a better place to be sick than the bed) where I basically passed out.  He says he was using the hand held shower to clean me off and keep me warm because I was shivering.  It seems amazing that I don’t remember ANY of this!  The only part I remember is that at one point he really wanted me to stand up.  I didn’t know I was lying down, but I saw his arms outstretched and gave it a shot.  He says he was trying to get me out of the tub for almost an hour.  At that point he wrapped me in robe and brought me to bed in the guest room where I found myself the next morning.

I felt out of commission for the whole day just focusing on recovering and detoxing myself (and doing laundry).  I share the story because even though it is hugely embarrassing, I really thought it was quite hilarious.  I just have to laugh at myself.   I think part of me enjoyed acting like an irresponsible teenager for a change.  Also I’ve NEVER been that drunk before, so I find it a bit funny that I waited until my 38th birthday to let out this crazy side.  Even Mr. Star thought it was really funny.  With that out of my system I think I can hold off on drinking again for a long time and go back to acting like a grown up and treating my body with some TLC.

11 Responses to “The Hangover”

  1. Mo July 11, 2011 at 12:00 pm #

    Wow! I’m actually jealous reading this! What’s wrong with me? Lol. 🙂

  2. bodegabliss July 11, 2011 at 1:07 pm #

    What a great story. I think we have to do that every once in a while…if only to remember why we don’t like doing that all that much. But it sounds like it was just what you needed! I’m glad he was able to get you out of the bathtub though! That would’ve been a worse place to wake up! hehehe.

    • starfishkittydreams July 11, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

      I agree. I am REALLY glad I didn’t wake up in the tub. Fun fact. The friend who threw the big party also had a baby via gestational carrier with an egg donor last year. He and his partner (they are gay) plan to do it again this year.

  3. missohkay July 11, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    Happy Birthday! That is quite a story. I vomit after 2-3 drinks which is too soon to reach the blissfully unaware and unremembering stage. The downside is that I don’t have any good stories. But at least I’m a cheap date 🙂

  4. Foxypopcorn July 11, 2011 at 10:17 pm #

    Oh my gosh! What a night!!! and way to celebrate your 38th birthday. Happy Birthday 🙂 Dancing and drinking – ahhhh, it is good to know that you can still party like you’re in your early 20’s!

    We used to go dancing in the city on Wednesday nights, and be at work the next morning – I could never pull that off now! But it was Oh So fun!

    Thank god for your sweet husband. He sounds like a total rockstar for getting you out of the club and home and clean and safety to bed. That can be an extra tall order when dealing with a drunk lady!

    I hope that you recover quickly. And more importantly, I hope that this 38th year is an excellent one my friend.

  5. Carla July 12, 2011 at 10:32 am #

    Now THAT is partying like it’s 1999! LOL

  6. Kristen July 12, 2011 at 3:05 pm #

    Too funny!
    Happy Birthday!

  7. missohkay July 13, 2011 at 4:43 pm #

    I’m going to leave a response to your comment on my blog here because I don’t know where else to put it (stupid blogger). I can be slightly (but only slightly) more forthcoming about the adoption via email if you’re interested 🙂 missohkay at yahoo.

  8. Mrs. Brightside July 13, 2011 at 8:31 pm #

    Ohhh my. Atta girl! You certainly earned a night of getting blind. My BIL always jokes when someone gets wasted, “what were you trying to forget?” Well… plenty mister.

  9. Port of Indecision July 14, 2011 at 6:21 pm #

    This is hilarious. It reminds me of a particular night a few years ago with a couple of my cousins where we woke up the next morning and all just kind of sat there looking at each other till my cousin Michael said, “This is one of those mornings where you just wait, with a pit of dread in your stomach, for someone to say, ‘Do you remember what you DID ladt night?!’ “

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