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Does having kids make you happier?

31 Aug

This study caught my eye.  With all the bad news that goes along with having to wait for parenthood, at least one study seems to think that the wait pays off.  According to an MSNBC survey having children when you are older (vs. younger) is more likely to increase your happiness- “Does having kids make you happier?”    Of course there are lots of reasons this may true.  It doesn’t necessarily say waiting to have kids makes you happier.  It’s just that those who are parents and in their 40s seem happier than those in their 30s.  It could be that their kids are older now and they can appreciate them more.  Or perhaps they are just more at home with being parents.  Either way, it is a grain of positive news amidst all the obstacles that come with aging and starting a family.  When I started down this road I was 34 and not super worried.  4 years later, I stress about age as a factor too making it even harder to have hope for a healthy baby.


Poking gone right!

19 Aug

It’s been a bloody week.  I had 3 blood draws and my cycle started!  You can read about my first blood draw which should have been the easy one in Poking Gone Wrong and ended in Urgent Care.  On Wednesday we went to the Alan Beers Center for immunology center where they drew blood from me and Mr. Star.  He lucked out with only 3, while I had to do 10.  My body gave up after 9 and two poke attempts (aargh!).  Today I had the biggest one (17 vials!) and I was required to fast too.  Expecting disaster I went armed with my big bottle of OJ and fingers crossed.  With the right touch she got all 17 out of me!  Woo hoo!  I am SO done with blood draws for the week.

Sorry for the gory pic, but man am I proud!  17 vials!  Count ’em!

Dare me to post this to Facebook anyone?



Poking Gone Wrong

16 Aug

Fresh back from vacation I start right up on the baby attempt train again.  Ready for Step 1 – Get beta down to zero.  I went over to the lab yesterday where I am a regular and sure enough I turned this simple step into a huge drama.  Has this ever happened to you?  As they sit me down in the chair I mentally prep for the needle and this time they manage to stab a whole new level of pain in my arm.  I felt a line of pain from the point of the needle in my elbow all the way to my finger tip.  I can only guess they hit a nerve directly and missed the vein.  In pain and shock I yelled out “Ow!” to the horror of the lab tech who looked at me like I was a complete wimp and it must just be me.

My arm feels slightly numb now.  She then proceeds to draw from the other arm using a tiny butterfly needle that goes in painlessly, but then it had to happen.  Sure enough my body went into shut down mode and I felt myself fainting, my forehead sweating, my stomach feeling nauseas and the room spinning.   Oy!   I thought it was just a momentary blip but I just went down for a while on the edge of fainting (a very uncomfortable edge).

She called the nurses and sure enough 3 people showed up with blood pressure monitors and the works.  They forced me to drink water and juice and from the blood they drew confirmed my blood sugar was low (admittedly I was trying to cut back a little after eating too much on vacation so had only had a sandwich and fruit to eat that day).  My blood pressure was also at record lows (37/57).  They mentioned that I might even need an IV (good grief!).    While they monitored me they commented on how I must be afraid of needles and blood tests.  A seasoned regular at getting poked at this point, I was a bit annoyed by the comments.

To wrap up they put me on a gurney (not just  wheelchair) where I was dramatically wheeled flat out of the lab (and in front of the 20+ people who have been waiting in the waiting area to get their tests) and to the Urgent care unit where another doctor did an EKG to make sure I wasn’t having heart failure (or something else).  After about an hour of drama magically my blood pressure and heart rate returned to normal and I was discharged.   I credit the two cans of apple juice and exiting the lab room for my recovery.    I tried to explain that I go there almost every  month to be poked, but they still treated me like it was my first time to the lab which was a bit annoying.  I am convinced my body freaked out from the bad stab from the lab tech who seemed new (new to me).  I think at this point I can tell a good poke from a bad one ;  )

Unfortunately it is a week of poking for me.  I have two more stabs this week, one at the new immunology treatment center I am testing out and one at that same lab that did the bad poke again.   Both blood tests are being sent over to my new doctor who is focusing specifically on immunology issues.  I am crossing my fingers that immunology treatments are going to make a difference for our next try which we plan to do with IVF.  When I go back to my regular lab I will definitely request someone else next time!