Abducted Baby

6 Oct

As if becoming a new parent isn’t hard enough (esp. for us in the IF and RPL community) now we we have one more fear: abduction     This story just breaks my heart.

What kind of person steals a baby?!  According to the story, the profile for an abductor of an infant is usually an “emotionally disturbed woman who lost a child or wants a child for some reason”.  Unfortunately that description sounds a little too familiar.  I hope the baby returns home safely soon and the abductor finds the help she clearly needs.





One Response to “Abducted Baby”

  1. Port of Indecision October 7, 2011 at 2:50 pm #

    Well, much more common than that profile of an abductor is the profile of the abductor as someone who knows the child. Abductions by relatives are astronomically more common than stranger abductions. Yes, it’s a scary, terrible thing – but it’s also exceedingly rare.

    Not to say this story isn’t tragic, because it is. It’s just not *really* something to fear from a statistical standpoint. (And yes, as someone who works in the court system, I do always feel a need to correct the media perception of crime – random, violent acts committed by strangers – vs the real crime – non-random acts usually committed by known individuals.)

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