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24 weeks and still going!

15 Feb

24 weeks.  Unbelievable.  I am so thrilled to be crossing into the 6 month zone!  Mathematically it is the third trimester, but I noticed several books count that one starting at 28 weeks.  Either way, for me it’s a HUGE milestone.  Never made it this far and feeling thoroughly pregnant on all fronts.

I feel like I turned the corner to embracing this pregnancy (as I mentioned in the last post some weeks ago) and for the first time really want it to just slow down.  Now that I am in a “safe” zone I am actually enjoying this.  I thought i never would or could, but I just feel like this time will never be again and so I need to be in the moment as much as possible.  This is such a total 360 from the days when I would watch the calendar wishing it would move faster to get the next day, the next appointment, the next test, etc.  Distraction and avoidance were my two best friends for this journey until now.  Unable to jump on hope I found I was disconnecting from myself, always focused on the future, on the next goal and without much pleasure in the present moment.

Last week I felt movement for the first time in there and it was amazing.   Actual physical proof that there really is a little one in there.  At first I questioned if it was baby movement or just common gas from digesting.  But as I sat there in bed it happened again and again until there was quite a strong sudden push.  It was so surprising at first I actually screamed outloud  Then I laughed at myself for screaming because she could probably hear me scream at her.   I can’t feel if it is a kick or a punch going on in there.  My guess is its more twisting and rolling around.  It’s a totally  new sensation that is both weird and awesome.

One of my books I’ve been reading said “you probably wish your pregnancy was moving along faster already”.  I couldn’t disagree more.  After years of wondering if this was ever going to happen, now that it is happening I want to enjoy every minute.  In fact I wish I could just press pause and stretch it out even longer.  After years of being on the first trimester failure wagon it’s amazing to make it solidly past the second and now even be in the third.  While the first trimester of all my pregnancies have felt so long and slow, this part of the pregnancy is going by almost too fast which seems almost unfair because it’s finally the good part!

When the baby arrives I suspect that things will start to move even faster (notice I said when instead of if) and I will be busy and sleep deprived.  In this moment in this pregnancy I just feel grateful to be here.