My Journey

Happy Day, Mr. & Mrs. Starfish, June 2004

September 1999: Met the love of my life at a grad student BBQ.   We both loved the X-files, swing dancing and California weather.  Love began.

June 2004: Tied the knot

January 2008: No more birth control

February-March  2008 First Pregnancy after only a short period of trying.  We were shocked, but thrilled!  Soon after we were shocked and devastated by our first of several miscarriages.  According to the ultrasound it stopped developing at 7 weeks.  I waited two weeks longer hoping it would end naturally, but then gave up and opted for the D & C on my OB’s recommendation.

April-May 2009 Second pregnancy after a LOT more trying and a growing sense of desperation.  It started out ok, but the heartbeat went from slow to none.  I opted for a D & C to get it over with.  I naively agreed to do it “in office” on minimum meds instead of waiting to schedule it for real anesthesia.   Holy crap I won’t do THAT again!

January 2010 After trying to get pregnant and crossing the critical six month mark without conceiving again, we were referred to a Reproductive Endocrinologist (RE).  Having to go to an RE was a huge blow after conceiving naturally and thinking our problem wasn’t a big deal.  We did all the tests for infertility and recurrent loss (even though I only had 2 losses).  At this time I stepped into embracing my membership in the IF community.  I naively thought that getting pregnant meant you couldn’t be infertile, as if somehow my two miscarriages were my hall pass out of infertility.  At the same time I discovered Resolve and several support groups in my area which I continue to attend.

Lots of peeing on sticks!

Here are the details of what she did:

  • January-March 2010, Conducted standard blood tests (all tests ok) + sonohysterogram (found some tissue)
  • April 2010, Conducted a laporascopy to remove fibroid/scar tissue and “optimize” my chances
  • June 2010, Prescribed Clomid, Estrogen and Progesterone (ok, but my lining was too thin)
  • July 2010 , Prescribed Letrozole and Progesterone (magic!)

August-September 2010 Third pregnancy after questioning if we could still do it naturally.  Even my IF support groups are congratulating me.  Filled with hope that we’d really fixed it this time and I’d served my time in the infertility jail, we get the news, no heartbeat at 8 weeks, blighted ovum.   My RE performs D&C #3 in the OR with full anesthesia.  About this time I start my blog and start wondering if I should be medicated to manage anxiety/depression.

  • October 2010, First test results from”products of conception” show chromosomal abnormality (translocation of #4), RE recommends genetic counseling (meanwhile my head is spinning!).  Weeks later the genetic counselors confirm we are normal based on the karyotype tests back in January.

January -February 2011 Fourth Pregnancy, ends in blighted ovum at 8 weeks and D & C #4.  Test results are inconclusive (healthy female).

June 2011 After two rounds of trying we get pregnant again and have loss #5.  Test results show it was chromosomally normal (healthy male).    With two healthy ones in a row I am now looking into immune system related issues.  Perhaps my robust immune system is killing them off.

November 2011  Completed two rounds of LIT with the Alan Beers Center and am now back to trying.

April 2012 First Round of IVF, ends in chemical pregnancy

August 2012 Second round of IVF with PGD ends with positive pregnancy.  Fingers crossed!


7 Responses to “My Journey”

  1. Hope April 6, 2011 at 2:02 pm #

    I can relate to what you said about not actually being infertile if you can get pregnant. I feel a lot the same. It’s actually the myth I’m planning to bust the NIAW on my blog. Do you mind if I use your phrase “hall pass out of infertility”? I’ll happily link to you, but it is such a catchy description!

  2. Littlebird August 25, 2011 at 12:08 pm #

    Sorry to hear about your situation- I can relate as I’m currently going through most likely mc # 6 in 2 yrs-supposedly blighted ovum and will get one more scan next week then in office D&C if no fetal pole (kinda worried about your comments?!!-full anesthesia makes me really sick so just wondering why the in office one was so awful?- All my other mc have been natural)-I get preggo no problem and dr is now really interested to test the tissue to see if genetic issue although our karyotypes are normal-I’m a pro at blood tests as well now -do you ask for a “butterfly” when they take multiple vials? makes them go way better…..good luck!

  3. Krista October 26, 2012 at 3:52 pm #

    Hi, a friend of yours recommended your blog. I love it! Just transferred (this week) one normal embryo from my one and only IVF cycle with PGS. Like you, multiple miscarriages and nothing else showing as an issue. Never tested embryos lost so I don’t know if my issues were chromosomal but based on my age (40) paired with the high number of embryos in my cycle that were genetically abnormal, we’re all thinking it’s chromosomal. I hope my story turns out like yours! I know where you are today with your critical markers so excited to hear you cleared another big hurdle!

  4. Kyle November 10, 2017 at 1:53 pm #

    Just curious where you are now? My wife and I are going down a very similar road as you did back in 2012.
    Waiting on LIT results. PGS done.
    6 ivf attempts, several chemical and one loss at 7 weeks with decreasing HR.
    Hoping LIT, ivig, humeria etc will be our saving grace.

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