Favorite Links

Online Articles/ Outstanding Blog Posts


  • Good Eggs/ Phoebe Potts
    A graphic novel about infertility, depression and life’s challenges.  I LOVED it!  You read more about it in my post: Infertility with Humor.
  • Avoiding Miscarriage: Everything You Need To Know To Feel More Confident In Pregnancy / Susan Rousselot
    This is definitely the most comprehensive and up-to-date book I’ve found on the subject.  Both sensitive and informative the author includes everything I could ask for in a miscarriage book.  She breaks down all the possible causes, dispels myths and even includes charts letting you know every available test and solution for each possible cause.    If you have had one or more losses, you will find hope in this book. If you know someone who has had one or more losses, gift them this book!
    Note (March 2011) I just re-read this book after my 4th loss and it was still a good read, very comforting.
  • Coming to term : uncovering the truth about miscarriage / Jon Cohen.
    This book was an excellent read and gave me insight into both the varying experiences of recurrent miscarriages as well as a comprehensive view into the research that has been done and the facts that are available today.  My only wish is that it had more specific information for where to go from here.
  • When bad things happen to good people / Harold S. Kushner.
    This book helped me make sense of the world and appreciate that I am not alone, not cursed, and the world can be a wonderful loving place.

Support Groups

  • Resolve Peer-Led Support Groups
    I love this group.  Although it is not professional I think our leader, Linda could go pro.  The group meets on Sundays and meetings range from 5-20 people.  They have a variety, but most who come are primary infertility and either doing or looking into doing IVF.  This is the first place I heard about the controversial and expensive immunology treatments (via Dr. Alan Beers) and the top rated Dr. Christo Zouves.
  • Stanford Fertility Support Groups
    Three free groups including recurrent pregnancy loss, primary infertility and third party/adoption.  All groups are facilitated by Penny Donnelly, RN MFT .  Groups are small (less than 5 usually) and it’s all women

Great blogs/online groups

  • Stirrup Queens: Dispatches from the Land of IF, cities in between and points beyond
    With a blogroll of over 1800 blogs, they have it all and it’s well organized.  If you  have a problem with any aspect of family building this is THE place to find another blogger going through it.  Just today I saw they have a whole list of blogs from  folks with chromosomal translocations (maybe my issue too).
  • Free Online Infertility class
    I signed up for this and have been reading along.  I admit. that with the blogging and posting I have not given it the attention it deserves.  I love that it is an event so people are more in sync.
  • The Bump Community
    I know what you are thinking- that’s for those photos of pregnant women!  Well, I was amazed at the variety of message boards under the “Community” section.  So far I’ve found the group incredibly supportive and responsive.  I am in the group TTC after a loss 6 months+


  • Anji Online
    You can download free ones and also buy specific ones for IVF.  I used these the month I conceived most recently.
    March 2011 update, she recently added one specifically for pregnancy loss.
  • My Thought Couch (Stin)
    These are free on iTunes Podcasts

2 Responses to “Favorite Links”

  1. Foxypopcorn November 6, 2010 at 1:32 pm #

    Ohhh – another meditation suggestion is the Circle+Bloom series. I’ve LOVED the IUI/IVF series.
    Great resources!

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